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Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier – NEW


More connections, more options more control, and more value. The STR Integrated combines an advanced preamp, a massive amplifier, and a cutting edge processor. But that doesn’t mean that the convenience and ease of use comes at the loss of audio clarity, integrity, or equipment quality. Engineered with the shortest possible signal paths, artifact cancellation, and minimal noise, this integrated amp is a delicate and precise powerhouse.

If you want the benchmark in stereo performance, in a single, cohesively engineered package from the industry leader, look no further.


Integrated Amplifier

  • 200 Watts @8 Ω / 400W @4 Ω / 550W @2 Ω; all with Advanced Load Monitoring
  • Controllable via Ethernet, RS-232- or IR remote (included)
  • 2 Separate phono input pairs. One for moving coil and one for moving magnet.
  • Options for two subwoofers, use one, two in mono, or even two in stereo for left and right subwoofers.
  • 8 Bipolar output devices per channel
  • Toridal transformer power supply
  • Built-in Anthem Room Correction (ARC). A proprietary technology to automatically tune your equipment to give the best sound in your space. Simply run the program and hear the difference. Years of Anthem’s engineering experience allows industry-leading room correction in under 5 minutes.
  • 32-bit/192 kHz sample rate
  • Digital audio via USB: 32 bit/384 kHz PCM and DSD 2.8/5.6 MHz
  • Preamplifier:
    • Frequency Response:
      • Digital: 10 Hz – 50 kHz
      • Analogue: 10 Hz – 80 kHz
    • THD+N:
      • Digital: 0.0008%
      • Analogue: 0.002%
    • Signal-to-Noise ratio:
      • Analogue: 120 dB
      • Digital: 112 dB
  • Amplifier:
    • Frequency Response: ± 0.1 dB
    • THD: 0.015%
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: 114 dB



  • 2x XLR (L/R)
  • 4x Analouge RCA pairs
  • 2x Phono (1x MC and 1x MM)
  • 2x Coaxial
  • 2x Optical
  • 1x XLR
  • 1x USB Type-B
  • 1x RJ-45 Ethernet
  • 1x USB Type-A (for firmware updates)
  • 1x Micro USB (for firmware updates)
  • 1x RS-232
  • 1x IR control


  • 2x Speaker binding post pairs (L/R)
  • 6x Analogue RCA (L/R/2 subwoofers/ L&R line)
  • 12V trigger

Power Consumption: 250 Watts typical / 500 Watts high-output


6-3/4 inches (172 mm) High

17 inches (432 mm) Wide

17-1/2 inches (445 mm) Deep

Weight: 40 lbs (18 kgs)

Finishes: Black or Silver

Notes- Currently out of stock, contact us for pricing!