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PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Integrated Amplifier – NEW LINE



We could go on and on about the awards and reviews, but its really the hearts that PrimaLuna wins over.  With beautifully designed products that sound REALLY good, this is a name your going to hear about for years to come.  For one big reason is that they are priced at half or less the price of similar products with performance and upgradability paths that rival the competition.

The Prologue Premium Integrated is used by audiophiles driving large loudspeakers including Stereophile’s senor reviewer Bob Deutsch as a staple in his test line-up of amplifiers.  Packed with features and performance you need to hear to appreciate.  We encourage you to stop by today and change the way you listen to music forever.


  • Adaptive Autobias : As with all PrimaLuna amps, you never have to worry about biasing your amp ever again. You can even just flip a switch, and the board is re-calibrated for EL34, KT88, KT120 & KT150.
  • SuperQuiet Inputs. Input selector switches mounted on the front panel requires long wires to run from the switch in the front to the rear RCA jacks, and they invite stray noise like RF and EMI. Additionally, audio quality degrades as the switch gets dirty and worn and they present crosstalk between the inputs. This crosstalk causes noise which obscures micro details in the music. PrimaLuna has a better way. Instead of a switch, input selection is done using premium quality sealed relays made by Fujitsu in Japan, mounted in the rear where you plug in your components. When an input is selected, that relay closes giving you the best connection possible. All the other relays are left open, so noise and signals from other sources can’t leak in. Relays open and close, so there is no selector switch wiper to get dirty, noisy, or wear out. The signal path is now much shorter. In fact it’s almost non-existent, so there are no long wires to pick up noise.
  • ALPS Blue Velvet Potentiometer. The ALPS Blue Velvet motorized volume control tracks better so a defined stereo image is established and doesn’t collapse as you raise and lower volume. And it will stay quiet, adhering to PrimaLuna’s guiding principle of “Built to last a lifetime”. This part alone costs ten times more than a simple “chip” that we could have used.
  • BTI-circuit. BTI stands for “Bad Tube Indicator.” On the chassis’ deck in front of each power tube, is a small LED that lights up if the tube goes bad. This circuit works hand-in-hand with the new Adaptive Auto-Bias circuit.
  • PTP-circuit. If the power transformer should overheat, this “Power Transformer Protection” circuit cuts primary power, allows the amp to cool down, then resets itself.
  • OTP-circuit. The “Output Transformer Protection” circuit protects the output transformers in the event of a massive tube failure or user error.
  • +B relay. Replaces the plate fuse and works in conjunction with the OTP-circuit to protect the amp against tube failure. This method is less intrusive sonically and the relay resets itself once the faulty tube is replaced.
  • Finishes Available:  Black or Silver faceplate with black chassis

As with all PrimaLuna components, the DiaLogue Premium Integrated is made by hand with the finest point-to-point wiring and quality equal to—or better than—any product you can buy at any price.  All packaged in a high-gloss, hand-rubbed finish.

We pay top dollar for trade-in gear. Call today for details.


Output Power:
(8 Ohms, 1% THD)
Frequency Response
THD (1W/1kHz)
S/N Ratio
Input Sensitivity
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Standard Tube Compliment
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