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Sonus Faber Chameleon Tower – DEMO

Modern Italian design with a warm sound and authentic reproduction. The Chameleon line lives up to its name with the ability to blend into any room, both audibly and visually.



The Chameleon line represents a branch into a modern, slightly more minimalist design, whilst retaining their Italian roots. The Chameleon line gets its name from its marquee feature; interchangeable side panels. Each speaker within the line is black on four sides, including the black real leather baffle. The two sides flanking the drivers are bare metal, which can be covered with detachable colored panels. These are available separately. Sonus Faber speakers are known for their ability to audibly disappear, leaving only the music. However, this key feature allows the Chameleon speaker to “disappear” visually, to blend in anywhere; making any room of your choice a listening room.

The Chameleon Tower’s attention to detail does not lie just with the finishes. This speaker resembles a three-dimensional trapezoid, this unique shape creates better dispersion within the speaker. Additionally, the Chameleon sits at gentle angle, which ensures that the driver’s time-domain geometry is optimal in any room. Finally, the front-firing port allows the speaker to be placed close to a wall without distorting the bass frequencies; another example of its ability to be used in any room. This excellent speaker can work as a standalone set for your audio system or be paired with other speakers from the Chameleon line to create a marvelous home-cinema system.


Type: Floor standing

Impedance: 4 ohms

Recommended Amplification: 40 to 300 Watts

Frequency Response: 38Hz–25kHz, ±3dB.

Sensitivity: 90 dB

Woofer/Midrange: 6 inch polypropylene cone midrange / (2x) 7 inch polypropylene cone woofer

Tweeter: 1.1 inch fabric-dome tweeter

Crossover: frequencies 250Hz, 2.5kHz.


41 7/10 inch (1060mm) High

10 3/5 inch (270mm) Wide

14 inch (355mm) Deep

Weight: 54 lbs (24.5kg) each

Finishes: [These speakers are black with black leather trim and ship without side panels. Side panels are available in Black, White, Metal Gray, Walnut, Blue, Red, and Orange.]

Details: 3-way, vented, floor-standing loudspeaker/ bi-wirable

Notes- We currently have DEMO models in stock which are in excellent condition and include a full warranty. Please contact us for pricing and details. For the Chameleon Tower we have side-panels available in Black, Walnut, and Red.