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Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon w/ Sumiko Blue Point 2 Cartridge – DEMO

$999.00 $779.00

Outstanding design and performance in an affordable package…with a great cartridge already installed!



Pro-Ject has outdone themselves for a sub $1000 turntable.  The RPM 3 Carbon features high-end table design and features for a fantastic price.  Experience audiophile performance now.   Using precision components with a solid design, the RPM 3  carbon is  ready to perform just minutes after unboxing.


  • 12″ resonance-optimized medium density fiberboard (MDF) platter with integral vinyl mat
  • precision inverted bearing with ceramic ball for smooth platter rotation, greater speed accuracy, and low wow-and-flutter
  • central mass point optimizes vibrancy behavior
  • extra-long 10″ one-piece S-shaped tonearm made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and resin for better rigidity and internal vibration damping, plus reduced tracking angle error
  • includes pre-mounted ($459) Sumiko Blue Point No.2 high-output moving coil cartridge
  • tonearm offers adjustment of vertical tracking angle and azimuth for optimized playback performance and cartridge-matching
  • medium density fiberboard (MDF) plinth with three vibration-absorbing cone feet
  • 15-volt AC motor driven with ultra-precise AC generator and DC power supply
  • magnetic anti-skating for easy setup and more precise tracking
  • isolated motor assembly optimized for low noise and speed stability
  • manual operation with silicone-damped tonearm lift
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 71 dB
  • detachable RCA audio cable included
  • external power supply reduces likelihood of electro-mechanical interference


Speed: 33, 45 (manual speed change)

Principle: Belt drive

Speed variance:

33: 0.14%

45: 0.11%

Wow & flutter:

33: 0.19%

45: 0.08%

Platter: 300 mm MDF

Main bearing: Stainless steel

Tonearm: 10 inches, Carbon fiber, aluminum, and resin composite

Effective arm length: 254 mm

Effective tonearm mass: 16 g

Overhang: 16 mm

Tracking force range: 0 – 25mN

Power connection: 110/240 Volt – 50 or 60 Hz

Power consumption: 5 Watts max

Dimensions (lid closed):

4-7/8 inches (118 mm) High
14-15/16 inches (422 mm) Wide
13-1/2 inches (373 mm) Deep

Weight: 12-1/10 lbs (5.5 kg)

Finishes: Piano Black, Piano White, and Gloss Red

Notes- This is a super clean demo turntable from our private showroom and includes a full warranty.