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Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution

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Hear the powerful result of 20 years of turntable design experience.

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Pro-Ject’s X-Tension 9 is a true high-end turntable that is slightly more compact in design.  With a slimmer main plinth and platter is still features some of the design features of tables costing twice its price. Using ultra dense MDF for high mass and low resonance and unique magnetically decoupled feet the main plight provides an amazing level of performance.  The platter is a perfect aluminum alloy which is damped with thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).  The platter is driven by a synchronous motor with a quartz-generated, high precision speed regulator featuring micro-processor control.   Finally the 9cc Evolution tonearm is a conical, carbon-fiber design that greatly minimizes standing wave reflections.  Its rides on an inverted bearing using four hardened ABEC7 spec ballraces allowing for friction-free movement.

The result is silky smooth performance with a dynamically musical presentation.


  • Mass loaded magnetic floating sub-chassis
  • Precision balanced sandwich-platter
  • Inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic support
  • Heavy weight record clamp
  • MDF chassis filled with metal granulate with low levels of resonance and high mass
  • Electronic speed control 33/45 rpm
  • Tonearm 9cc Evolution made from carbon fiber
  • Inverted tonearm bearings (ABEC 7 quality)
  • Includes hi-performance, high purity copper inner-connect cables.


Speed: 33, 45 (electronic speed change)

Principle: Belt drive

Speed variance: 0.1% (max)

Wow & flutter: 0.09% (max)

Signal to Noise: 73 dB

Platter: 300 mm aluminum (TPE dampened)

Main bearing: Stainless steel

Tonearm: 9 inches, EVO Carbon Fiber

Effective arm length: 230 mm

Effective tonearm mass: 8.5 g

Overhang: 18 mm

Tracking force range: 0 – 25mN

Power consumption: 4 Watts max

Dimensions (lid closed):

7-1/5 inches (185 mm) High
18-3/10 inches (465 mm) Wide
13-7/10 inches (350 mm) Deep

Weight: 39-7/10 lbs (18 kg)

Finishes: Mahogany, Olive Wood, Walnut, Palisander (Rosewood), Gloss Black, Gloss Red, and Gloss White

Included accessories: Power supply, dust cover

Notes- This is a demo table on display in our private showroom and includes a full warranty. Contact us for more information, or to schedule a one-on-one demonstration of this turntable’s elegant beauty and effortless performance. Additionally, this turntable does NOT include a cartridge. We are happy to recommend one for your musical preference.