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Wilson Audio's All-new Alexia Speaker System

Wilson Audio Alexia

$52,000.00 $38,950.00

Wilson’s finest small floor-standing speaker.  Built to Wilson’s standards for performance and signature sound, but an absolute amazing value for the price. Stop by today and hear them for yourself.  You will be amazed.


Product Description

During my visit to Wilson Audio’s factory one thing was clear…The Wilson’s have a passion for recreating the musical experience and they live to make it better any way they possibly can.  With the design of the Alexia they set out to create a loudspeaker that would rival the famed XLF, while at the same time maintain a minimal footprint and presence in your room.  It had to have ultra-high performance and simply blow away anything near its price range.  That goal was achieved and owners around the world could not be happier.

We are happy to announce that we have a number of pair in our showroom and welcome you to experience them for yourself.


Specifications –

 – Floor Sanding -, 3-way, bass-reflex , rear ported loudspeaker

– Cabinet – Hybrid S and X-material baffles and base.  Heavy internal bracing and resonance control.

– Drive-units: 1″ soft-dome tweeter, 7″ mid-range, 8″ pulp woofer, 10″ pulp woofer

– Frequency Response: 20Hz-32kHz  +/- 3dB

– Sensitivity: 90dB/2.83V/m.

– Nominal impedance: 4 ohms.

– Recommended amplification: 20–1000W unclipped program.

Dimensions: 53.25″ H by 15.25″ W by 21.125″ D. Weight: 256 lbs each.


Currently we have the following Alexias’ available and prices at our lowest price ever to make room for new stock:   Desert Silver (on display), Dark Titanium, and Galaxy Grey.




Additional Information


Yes (Obsidian Black, Desert Silver)