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Wilson Audio Alexx

Fan’s of Wilson Audio can correctly infer that the the new Alexx line is a replacement for the venerable MAXX system. However, that is as far as the comparison reaches. The Alexx represents a redesign from the ground up to create an all-together more complex and sophisticated speaker. The Alexx incorporates Wilson’s latest innovations in loudspeaker design in the fields of driver configuration and development, as well as time-domain geometry.



The Alexx speaker was designed concurrently with Wilson’s masterpiece the WAMM Master Chronosonic. This enables it to include many of the design elements and features found in Wilson Audio’s jaw dropping magnum opus. The Alexx includes a rare MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) driver arrangement, meaning that the tweeter is flanked above an below by a mid-range driver. This allows for a massively increased dynamic range in the mid portion of the audio spectrum. Rather than mount all three speakers in a single enclosure, Wilson has intuitively enclosed each driver separately. This design gives many benefits not found among the Alexx’s competitors. This allows each enclosure to be tailored and optimized for the driver. Additionally, it gives an unparalleled ability to adjust each driver’s relative position in the time-domain and its dispersion properties within the array. Each driver within the MTM array can be minutely and precisely adjusted to suit the needs of any room and create the best time-domain geometry relative to where the listener sits.


Besides the MTM driver arrangement, the Alexx also benefits from woofer advancements made during the WAMM’s development. These incorporate all of Wilson Audio’s latest thinking on accurate reproduction of low-frequency music. Like the top baffles, the Alexx’s lower woofer baffle is angled for the best integration into the time-domain. These woofers set the standard for speed, authority, and above all, musicality.



Type: Floor standing

Impedance: 4 ohms

Recommended Amplification: Minimum 50 Watts

Frequency Response: 20Hz–31kHz, ±3dB.

Sensitivity: 91 dB

Tweeter: 1 inch, Dome (2.54 cm) made of Doped Silk Fabric in a sealed X-material enclosure.

Midrange: 5.75 inch (14.61 cm) driver made of Doped Paper Pulp / 7 inch (17.78 cm) driver made of Cellulose/Paper Pulp Composite. Rear and bottom vented. Enclosures are made of X-material with S-material Baffles

Woofers: 10.5 inch (26.67 cm) and 12.5 inch (31.75 cm) drivers made of Hard Paper Pulp. Enclousres are made of X-material and are front OR rear ported using XLF port technology.


62 9/32 inches (158.23 cm) High

15 3/4 inches (40.01 cm) Wide

26 25/32 inches (68.01 cm) Deep

Weight: 452 lbs (205.02 kg) each

Finishes: [The Alexia II can be found in any official WilsonGloss color and can be ordered in premium or custom colors. Inquire for more information.]

Details: Four-way, floor-standing loudspeaker

Notes- Currently out of stock, contact us for pricing and to order in the color of your choice!

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