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Wilson Audio SABRINA – Stereophile Product of the Year!

Wilson’s finest small floor-standing speaker.  Built to Wilson’s standards for performance and signature sound, but an absolute amazing value for the price. Stop by today and hear them for yourself.  You will be amazed.



Many audio fans remember the first time they heard a Wilson Audio speaker.  I still remember.  There’s something revealing and unveiling about they way they present a song you’ve heard 1000 times before.. and its like you never really heard it before.  Dave Wilson’s passion begins with creating the very best speaker enclosure possible out of state-of-the-art engineered materials factoring in critical time aliments for each driver.  Then using the very best drivers available and modifying them to meet ultra tight tolerances for low distortion and precise linearity.  Finally its all tied to together with a crossover network using hand selected, ultra-tight tolerance, matched components.  Its the only way Wilson knows and the performance he’s come to demand.  For decades that is exactly what he’s done, and to rave reviews worldwide.

Now he’s taken this wealth of knowledge and experience and distilled it down to its essence.  Introducing the SABRINA.

The SABRINA is not a ‘cut corners to meet a price-point’ product.  In its development, its was voiced to sound like its big Sister the Sasha 2 at $34K.  And at less than half the price, shockingly it does!  Granted it can’t achieve the low bass response and dynamics of the Sasha 2, but the details, harmonic expression and sound-stage are downright shocking.  While its Wilson’s entry level product in this category, its every bit a pure Wilson creation with performance to match.  Besides a single enclosure cabinet and the use of a combination of HDF and composite ‘X-material’, the SABRINA goes through the same assembly, component selection, quality control, finishing and multi-level painting process that the $630K WAMM does.  Its Dave’s way.

Everything you just read is meaningless once you hear them.  While relatively small in size, the SABRINA presents a sound-stage packed with dynamic headroom where the music is displayed in its purest form.  The sounds simply seem to flow from the air and fills a stage in front of you.  You could claim the speakers were twice as tall and 10 times the price and most listeners would easily and happily believe you.  The sound is balanced and warm, yet filled with dynamics across a huge spectrum of frequency.  You must be careful not to play them too loudly.  The distortion is so low, your ears welcome high volume levels without fatigue.

One of the most appealing things we love about the Wilson’s is their adaptability.  Many speakers sound fantastic with strings and classical music, but break-up with rock or cinema soundtracks.  The Wilson’s simply articulate so well that every instrument type, every sound to brought to life as if its simply being played right in front of you.



Type: Floor standing

Impedance: 4 ohms

Recommended Amplification: 50 to 250 Watts

Frequency Response: 31Hz–21kHz, ±3dB.

Sensitivity: 87dB

Woofer/Midrange: 5.75″ mid-range, 8″ composite woofer

Tweeter: 1″ soft-dome tweeter


39 1/2 inch High

12 inch Wide

15 3/10 inch Deep

Weight: 94lbs each

Finishes: Desert Silver, Galaxy Gray, and Obsidian Black. Premium Colors: Biarritz White and Titan Red

Details: 3-way, bass-reflex, rear ported loudspeaker

   –Cabinet: Hybrid HDF and X-material baffles and base.  Heavy internal bracing and resonance control.

Now you need to stop in and hear them.  Some things are best heard than said.  We always have these in stock at our Ormond Beach store. You will remember the experience…guaranteed.

Notes- Currently available we have two models. One in Desert Silver / Parchment [DEMO model] and another finished in Blue Corsa [NEW, in-the-crates].

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