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Wilson Audio Sasha DAW

Honoring the past, heralding the future. The Sasha DAW is a culmination of over a lifetime of speaker design and the closest attention to detail.




Featuring an extensive redesign, the Sasha DAW is a new take on a time-honored classic. The original Sasha was based of the legendary WATT/Puppy combination, which kept the Upper and Mid-range drivers enclosed separately from the woofers. That upper module the Wilson Audio Tune Tot (WATT), was design by Dave Wilson to be the zenith of portable monitor speakers. With that in mind, he made it without even the thought of selling or marketing it. It was made to fill a need, not a consumer market. The result was so powerful, so masterful, people began lining up to get their hands on one. Dave Wilson reluctantly agreed, and later paired it with a two woofer module they affectionately called the ‘Puppy’. This same thesis of design is still present today with the DAW.

However, advancements in the loudspeaker field have been bountiful over the past 30 years, and the Sasha DAW reflects that. The upper module, which contains the tweeter and mid-range driver, has been redesigned with thicker X-material panels for even lower resonance. The divers enclosed in this module are the exact same ones used by the jaw-dropping WAMM Master Chronosonic. The lower woofer module got an even more complete redesign. The enclosure panels were thickened to lower resonance, while internal volume was increased to give the speaker a more imposing lower range.

Time Domain accuracy has always been a priority for Wilson Audio. The modular design of the DAW allows each driver to be fine-tuned for perfect in this regard. The spikes and retaining posts that seat the upper driver have also been redesigned for easier use and even greater accuracy.


Type: Floor standing

Recommended Amplification: 25 Watt minimum

Frequency Response: 20 Hz–30 kHz, ±3dB.

Sensitivity: 91 dB

Woofer/Midrange: 177-4/5 mm midrange / 2x 203-1/5 mm woofers

Tweeter: 25-2/5 mm Dome tweeter


44-3/4 inches (1138-7/10 mm) High

14-1/2 inches (368-3/10 mm) Wide

22-15/16 inches (582-3/5 mm) Deep

Weight: 236 lbs (107 kgs) each

Finishes: [The Sasha DAW can be found in any official WilsonGloss color and can be ordered in premium or custom colors. Inquire for more information.]

Details: 3-way, vented/ported, floor-standing loudspeaker

-Cabinet – Composed of Wilson’s proprietary X-Material, with drivers made of S-Material (also proprietary).

Notes- Currently available in Desert Silver! This model is new, in-the-crates and includes a full warranty. Contact us about taking these home today!