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Pro-Ject – BRUSH-IT – Anti-Static Record Cleaner



If you own a turntable this handy record cleaner is a must have.  Its a quick and easy way to remove 98% of the impurities on the surface of your vinyl without spending $100’s of dollars.  The dual brush path design, made of conductive carbon fibers, removes even the finest particles and makes your music sound fantastic.  Simply wipe the surface of an LP in the direction of the groves.  In seconds your ready to enjoy the music.


  • Anti-Static design for effective dust pick-up
  • Conductive carbon fibers
  • Eliminates static charges that can hold dust to the LP’s surface
  • Fine fibers remove even the finest dust particles
  • Dual rows of brushes for effective pick-up
  • Easy swivel handle for usage and storage
  • The best value in an effective record cleaner