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Sumiko Palos Santos Presentation – Signature Line Moving Coil Phono Cartridge


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Sumiko’s reference series phono cartridges have delighted audiophiles for over 3 decades.  They are meticulously hand crafted using time honored techniques.  Each cartridge is hand calibrated to maximize every bit of performance possible. Built to the highest standards to achieve an ultra low noise floor for maximum music.

The Palos Santos is a significant leap in performance for a cartridge at this price range.  Its been highly refined over years of development to provide a deeply satisfying musical experience.

Some of its stunning sound come from a combination of a new generator anchoring system which has improved rigidity and reduced resonance and vibration to unheard of levels.  The body is Brazilian Rosewood which provides beauty and strength for the shorter body.   Featuring a long grain boron cantilever, a new Line Contact, ultra low-mass solid diamond stylus, and gold plated tapered brass contact pins which places the Palos Santos firmly as Sumiko’s flagship cartridge.


Additional information

Cartridge Type

Moving Coil – Synthetic rubber suspension

Frequency Response


Output Voltage


Channel Separation


Channel Balance




Stylus Size/Shape

Line Contact, ultra low-mass, solid diamond 75µm x 5µm

Load Impedance

100-1k Ohms

Tracking Force Range

1.8-2.2 grams

Cartridge Weight

8.3 grams


0.5" hole spacing (Standard), threaded M2.5
(Includes Stainless steel mounting bolts – 2Ea – 2.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, washers and a M2 Allen wrench)